Our Mission

We are having a section from each specialty brokerage and leasing construction rental property management
brokerage business trade building, and information needs relating to their commercial real estate market, you can
identify in a timely manner through the site Strengths, we aim to complete an early type of business.

We provide solutions to our customers the highest standards.

And global business development, we rely on you for deep insight into world markets.
Buranshieru is the future, investment banking, sales and trading, research and asset management in all business, in
order to help you achieve your strategic objectives, offers new opportunities.

Our Business

  • Principal Investment

    As investment business, we participate in the equity for profit-earning real estates and invest in real estate properties in cooperation with institutional investors.

  • Valuation

    We calculate appropriate property values of the real estate that owners possess, and that is reviewed before purchasing, adopting own market research power and valuation technique.

  • Asset Management

    We analyze all the elements that increase the property values of the assets, formulate plans, and practice. Our services cover from the discovery of property investment business to executin of the investments and property management during the holding period. We take care of property sale and benefit realization as well as the property management.

  • Solution

    We provide customers with the services that solve various problems in the real estate business from all the possible viewpoints and approaches. Also, we plan and propose reform and property management to add high value.
    We introduce leasing plans for investment guarantee, and undertake real estate brokerage for property sales.

  • Wealth Management

    For all wealthy individual investors and managers of owner companies, we provide flexible services to meet the various needs on the asset management.

  • Creative Design

    Residences, offices, shops, commercial facilities, regardless of usage,
    we will design consulting thorough end-user's perspective.

CEO Message

Real estate industry is now in the middle of a restructuring. Many real estate companies are forced to go out of business.
Real estate industry is seeking an appropriate adjustment to the market and the emergence of new companies to provide high quality service.
Our company takes this restructuring as a good opportunity and work on our projects earnestly, seeking a new way to provide the world with brand-new values and sensations through business.

CEO: Kazumasa Nakaide

CEO: Kazumasa Nakaide

Company Profile

Blanciel Co.,Ltd.

3-13-16 Shibaura,
Minato-Ku, Tokyo 108-0023
Tel: 03-6438-9830

Promoting Corporate Responsibility

Blanciel is committed to fostering a culture of corporate social responsibility.
Through collaborative activities like networking, volunteering, fundraising, and events, we strive to not only meet specific charitable goals, but also creat enduring relationships with the communities where we live and work.